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About Us: Our History and Values

We aspire to make a profound difference in patients’ lives.

A diagnosis with cancer, especially stage IV disease, is one of the most stressful and most significant moments in life. It takes a tremendous toll on patients and their families. Patients are forced to make overwhelming decisions, often with limited information and little time to decide. Current standard-of-care treatments can be difficult, prolonged, and expensive. The National Cancer Institute states that the annual estimated total cost of cancer care in the United States alone is approximately $200 billion.

Since the first chemotherapy treatments were discovered approximately 80 years ago, the tireless work of medical and research teams has changed the lives of countless patients, many of whom remain in long-term remission with probable cures. However, for most types of cancer, especially stage IV disease, standard-of-care treatments have not provided high rates of cures. At General Oncology, it is our conviction that a cure for most cancers is now within reach. That conviction drives us every day.

Our focus is on creating unique drug combinations to achieve what has long been an elusive goal: satisfying the logical scientific requirements for curing cancer without incurring significant lasting toxicity to patients.

About Us: Our Team


  • 2021: Our first clinical trial, the SHARON trial, opens for enrollment in New York for patients with stage IV pancreatic cancer and an inherited BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation. The first patient in the trial completes the investigational treatment.

  • 2019: Our first Investigational New Drug application, for the SHARON trial, is filed with the FDA.

  • 2015: Dr. Glazier founds General Oncology to develop treatments based on the research conducted under DIAD. DIAD is merged into General Oncology.

  • 1990-2015: DIAD engages in extensive cancer research, ultimately focusing on defining the scientific requirements for curing cancer without significant toxicity to patients.

  • 1990: Arnold Glazier, M.D., founds Drug Innovation and Design, Inc. (DIAD) to continue his personal research into designing treatments for cancer.

  • 2022:

    • The SHARON trial opens an additional site in Boston. The trial expands to include stage IV, HER2-negative breast cancer and PALB2 mutations. Two additional patients enroll.

    • Preclinical work begins on our pipeline of drug candidates, beginning with a potential treatment for blood cancers.

Our Leadership

Gregg Goldstein (cropped).png

Gregg Goldstein

Chief Executive Officer and

Chief Financial Officer

Jeff Glazier (cropped).png

Jeff Glazier

Chief Operating Officer

Arnold Glazier, MD (cropped).png

Arnold Glazier, M.D.

Chief Science & Medical Officer

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